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General knowledge

The wine trade is opening as a massive area within many domains and professions. The wine business is formed of a long chain of many people, each one of which, is a professional within their field of expertise. Some wine makers produce very high volumes of wine, of poor quality while others are doing the opposite, producing high quality wine in smaller volumes. What is of interest, from a wine investment point of view, are the wine makers of high quality and small volume. The wine market requires a certain knowledge, in order to be approached properly, and to make a sound investment. Factors such as sunshine, weather, grape variety, etc, can all have a profound effect on the eventual quality of the wine. 
There are many commonly asked questions, such as, what makes a good wine or a bad wine, what is a "grand crus"?, is Sauternes a grape variety or an appellation?, what is an appellation?, what is a vintage?, what are the requirements for making a premier crus wine?. The list seems endless. The advice of Dominique Ritorto is to take a step by step approach to learning about wine. Learn only what you need to know about at any one time, keeping it relative to the wine you may consider buying. Acquire knowledge that is relevant and specific to your need.
The following external links may help your to answer many questions and update your wine knowledge.