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French vintage

Burgundy and Bordeaux primeur available ! So do not hesitate ,if you are interested in wine and looking for a bargain, drinking wine or to make money with some primeur wine, just contact us.

With Dfrwine you can also follow the wine news in French . New blog on  USA tax on French wines Oct 2019 

Les derniere nouvelles en Francais, 2016 vintage primeur en France , 2018 France primeurSuivre les vins Francais, 2017 vintage en Francais  or follow the English 2011 vintage  in English


Dfrwine follow the vintages with the wines experts

Vintage 2010 provided by Decanter our wine news site

Vintage 2011 provided by Decanter our wine news site

Vintage 2012 provided by Decanter our wine news site

Vintage 2013 provided by Decanter our wine news site

Vintage 2014 provided by Corney Barrow 

Vintage 2015 provided by Livex

Vintage 2016 provided by various sources 

Vintage 2017 provided by various sources 

Vintage 2018 provided by various sources 

Vintage 2019 Povided by various source 


Vintage 2020  

Burgundy 2020 first glance report Provided by Bill Nanson 


Vintage 2019

Top 50 Bordeaux wines critics and release prices Provided by James Suckling 

Bordeaux 2019 scores and notes Provided by James Suckling 

Bordeaux en primeur fine wine Provided by Corney Barrow i

Bulletin vintage 2019 Provided by Corney Barrow 

Bordeaux 2019 tasting Provided by James Sckling 

Harvest 2019 first repprt  provided by portfolio 

Wine burgundy 2019 report  Provided by Jancis Robinson 

Burgundy vintage 2019 first glance Provided by Vinfolio 


Vintage 2018  

- Leflaive and burgundy 2018 release . provided by livex 

- Bordeaux 2018 primeur guide provided by Vinfollo 

- Bordeaux 2018 release price and comments provided by Livex 

- Bordeaux 2018 vintage scores by the profesional  provided by Livex 

- Primeur Bordeaux 2018 first glance of the best bottles. provided by Vinfolio 

Bordeaux best 2018 vintage scorer. Tasting April 2019 provided by Livex 

- Bordeaux 2018 vintage report made in  March 2019 provided by Livex

- Bordeaux 2016 vintage bottles with a perfect score (March 2019) Provided by Livex 

- Hospice de Beaume Analyse des resultats 2018  provided by Idealwine 

- Bordeaux 2018 first glance  provided by Livex 

- Bordeaux 2018 - Harvest and weather report provided by Livex 


Vintage 2017 

- Report burgundy vintage 2017 Provided by Vinous

- Bordeaux 2017 release price and strategy  Provided by Livex

- En primeur Burgundy and Bordeaux 2017 Provided by Decanter 

- Release and note primeur vintage 2017 with Livex Provided by Livex 

- Bordeaux 2017 vintage release with Livex Provided by Livex 

- Jancis Robinson 2017 vintage view Provided by Jancis Robinson 

- James sucking 2017 vintage report Provided by James Sucking 

Burgundy wine report vintage 2017  Provided by Corney Barrow 

- Price and info of few famous and great wines at the release in 2017 


Vintage 2016 

- Bordeaux-en-primeur-2016 Provided by James Suckling 

Burgundy  2016 Harvest  Report   Provided by Decanter

French Harvest wine 2016 the smalest since the last 30 years  Provided by Decanter 

First glance French Harvest 2016 Provided by the Guardian newspaper 


Vintage 2015 

First glance with Bordeaux Harvest 2015 Provided by Livex

Vintage 2014 
Vintage Bordeaux 2014 report Provided by Corney Barrow 



Vintage 2013 providing by Decanter our wine news site

Vintage preview: Burgundy 2013  6th January 2015

Gerard Basset OBE MW MS tasted 556 wines from this vintage in a 10-day tour throughout the Cote d'Or and Chablis. Here are his full scores and tasting notes.

Vintage preview Burgundy 2013 4th February 2015

Gerard Basset OBE MW MS tasted 556 wines from this new vintage in a 10-day tour throughout the Côte d’Or and Chablis. Here he recommends his top 96 wines across the communes, discovering that some great wines were made, despite the weather. 

Bordeaux 2013: 'A vintage for terroir, and for money', says Spurrier 7th April 2014

A tough time for Merlot on Bordeaux's left bank has yielded some unusual wines from a 2013 vintage that strongly reflects a chateau's terroir and also its financial resources, according to experts.

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Vintage 2012   providing by Decanter our wine news site

Bordeaux 2012 first Glance     March 2012

Late Arrival for 2012 Bordeaux Harvest  Harvest 2012

Yquem 2012 : No Yquem 2012   December 2012

Bordeaux 2012: Vignerons talk of soft tannins and ripe fruit and ripe fruit potential  November 2012

Suspense for the Sweet Wine Chateau Yquem 2012  October 2012

Bordeaux White Wine down by 20% but promising   September 2012

Small harvests expected across Europe as California eyes price rises   Tuesday 4 September 2012

Bordeaux braces itself for 'winemaker's vintage'  Thursday 30 August 2012 

Champagne growing season 'worst in decades'      Thursday 16 August 2012

Chateau Montus suffers 50% hail damage, Bordeaux flooding   2 May 2012

Champagne crop badly damaged by frost  26 April 2012


Vintage 2011  providing by Decanter our wine news site

Bordeaux 2011: Chateau d'Yquem holds back from en primeur campaign   Tuesday 12 June 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Merchants predicting 'pain ahead' despite price drops   Thursday 7 June 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Latour and Cheval Blanc, similar prices meet ....   Thursday 24 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 release: Mouton release follows raft of big-name discounts       Tuesday 22 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 release: Margaux, Palmer and Lynch Bages release        Tuesday 15 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Margaux, Palmer and Lynch Bages release     15 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Over 40 releases overwhelm negociants, merchants     11 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Price drops boost campaign    11 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Pontet Canet release galvanises en primeur   9 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Rush expected after quiet start    2 May 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Few more release     24 April 2012

Bordeaux 2011: DWWA 2012 first wines tasted  23 April 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Cos d'Estournel releases    Wednesday 18 April 2012

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Chateau Lafite Rothschild releases   16 April 2012 

Bordeaux 2011 releases: Chateau Angludet first releases  11 April 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Price is 'single factor' of vintage, say merchants    5 April 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Whites set to shine as campaign gets underway     2 April 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Merlot succeeds in ,unpredictable' year      16 March 2012

Bordeaux 2011: Calls for price drop after 'arrogant' 2010s       30 January 2012

Quart de Chaume to become Loire Valley's first Grand Cru    13 October 2011

Bordeaux 2011: Sauternes surprised by 'earliest ever' harvest    6 October 2011

Bordeaux 2011 'rollercoaster' vintage comes to an end   30 September 2011

Le Pin unveils new winery    30 September 2011

Bordeaux 2011: 'Back to reality,' say vintners     20 September 2011

Bordeaux 2011: Crop damaged as hail hits nothern Medoc    2 September 2011

Burgundy 2011: 'Good but not great' , say vignerons as harvest begins    31 August 2011

FDWWA 2011: Best value Syrah   August 2011

French harvest bigger than 2010, says ministry    19 August 2011

Champagne sets dates for 'extremely early' harvest  17 August 2011

Bordeaux 2011: Harvest underway in Bordeaux   17 August 2011

Burgundy grands crus to ban machine harvesting   11 August 2011
Loire follows Bordeaux, Burgundy with 'earliest ever' harvest    18 July 2011
Bordeaux , Burgundy expect  2011 harvest be'earliest ever'  21 June 2011
Champagne 2011 harvest could be earliest since 2003   10 June 2011
Bordeaux 2011: Record rain deficits, temperatures and sunlight  2 June 2011
Bordeaux 2011: frost threatens buds brought on by heatwave  11 April 2011

Vintage 2010  providing by Decanter our wine news site  

Burgundy 2010: Stephen Brook    20 January 2012 
Burgundy 2010: Steven Spurrier    20 January 2012 
Burgundy 2010: Stephen Brook   20 January 2012

Back to the Top pageVintage 2011  , Vintage_2012 providing by Decanter our wine news site