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Wine Introduction

 It is an old wives tale all you need is the right soil the right climate and the right grapes to produce a great wine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of  course, the right ingredients and the right circumstances are vital, but after the grapes have been picked the wine grower cannot simply go off  and take a well-earned rest. 

Wine is something quite special. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, wine is not a drink which just sits in the bottle waiting to be drunk. On the contrary ,wine is alive. Its sensitive to air , light ,temperature, and vibration. Furthermore, wine, though by no means all wine, can develop in the bottle. There a little point in laying down everyday table wines for years because the end result will probably be more like vinegar than wine. The better red Bordeaux ,on other hand , are  excellently  suited to maturing in the bottle. In their youth, they are characterized by a somewhat unpleasant hardness , but in the course of time this gives way to a velvety softness.

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