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Chateau Cissac

Chateau Cissac

Chateau Cissac 


It has long been a well known and popular wine in Britain and tends to make reliable middle weight clarets.Located in the village of Cissac-Medoc south west of St Estephe and west of Pauillac in the French Claret area. Chateau Cissac owes its reputation to the efforts of Louis Vialard who took over the property in the 1940s. Today his grand-daughter Marie is at the helm. Cissac produces lean, taut and elegant Haut Medoc, which reflects the high proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend. Given this the wines do develop very well over time . Really reliable wines here at relatively modest prices. Reflets de Chateau Cissac is the estates’ second wine. Cru Bourgeois,  Haut Medoc. 


Chateau Cissac Wine Producer 

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