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After the  years of experience which Dominique Ritorto (DfR) has had with the general public, he has created an amazing and unusual wine collection. Our wine collection, is a mix of bottle sizes of red and white wine . The boxes are made from top wine ranges, and each bottle is finely selected from the best domain & castles from France
This collection is not just normal wine, it is more a relationship between the passionate wine business and the customer. The wine bottles can be bought from £20.00, and will be stored by DfR, free of charge, until maturation .This will be for a period of 4 years, with the option to either prolong this period or withdraw the wine earlier. If you decide to sell-on any or all of the wines, after the 4 years, Dominique Ritorto will offer to buy them from you with an exceptional offer.
The initial purchased price is topped up with 7%, for each year, of the time the wine has been stored with us. 
Example: 5 bottles for £100 over 4 years
+ 7% + 7% + 7% + 7%
= £131 tax free in 4 years 
 How does it work? 
Dominique Ritorto,has been buying and re-selling wine for many years .The wine purchased for you is based on Dominique Ritorto’s knowledge, of the wine market. Then the wine is stored with us. During the storage period,[ known also as the maturation period], the wine price could go down, a risk Dominique Ritorto is willing to take. After the 4 years of storage, the wine can be bought from you, as agreed. Therefore DfR will re-sell the wine to a third party, for a better price.