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Chateau lafite Rothschild 2016

Location: /Bordeaux/Medoc red wines

Chateau lafite Rothschild 2016

Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Premier cru, Pauillac, Bordeaux, France 2016 

The Chateau lafite Rothschild wines provides a range of wines through the spectrum Long and medium term un-taxed investments .The Chateau Lafite 2016 is quality and rarity keys in for fine investment .The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2016 has been release in spring primeur 2017 for around £500.00 per 75cl bottle, in bond and has been projected to go up on prices in next few years. The Chateau Lafite wine could be re-sold to the public, business or in auction .Good fine wine well preserved, will always find an acquirer for,[a buyer] .


Château Lafite Rothschild is a wine estate located in the westhern of Bordeaux wine area  in the Pauillac part of the Médoc, producing one of the most sought-after and expensive red wines in the world. Lafite Rothschild is known for its perfume, elegance, finesse and harmony, a great vintages can age for 50 years or more.



The estate began to earn its reputation as a winemaking property in the late 1600s, but Lafite refernces name are back dated to 1234 with a certain Gombaud de Lafite, abbot of the Vertheuil Monastery north of Pauillac, Lafite’s mention as a medieval fief dates to the 14th century. Lafite began to earn its reputation as a great winemaking estate. Jacques de Ségur was credited with the planting of the Lafite vineyard in the 1670s and in the early 1680s.By the second half of the following century it was known as "The King's Wine" at Versailles, and had a strong following in London. In 1695, Jacques de Ségur’s heir, Alexandre, married the heiress of Château Latour, who gave birth to Nicolas-Alexandre de Ségur. The wine histories of the fiefs of Lafite and Latour were thus joined at the outset The acclaim did not diminish and in the new wine classification 1855 Bordeaux Classification created by Napoleon 3rd  Lafite was ranked a premier cru. Bought in 1868 by Baron James de Rothschild who respectivly added his name to the vineyard.  Throughout much of the 20th Century, despite many fantastic wines, Lafite Rothschild was regarded as an inconsistent producer but since the mid-1990s it has become a very consistent quality wine.  

Wine notes with Wine Advocate-Parker :

The 2016 Lafite-Rothschild is a blend of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Merlot picked from 23 September until 12 October with the Cabernet Sauvignon (and unused Petit Verdot). It has 13.3% alcohol, a pH of 3.65 and the IPT of 74. Matured in 100% new oak, it has a fresh and vibrant bouquet whilst retaining the classicism of this First Growth.
 Silky, luscious, refined with profundity and sophistication, the fruit has the concentration, depth, structure and tannins to fill your mouth with flavor, coating your palate with deeply energetic fruits. Balanced between concentrated and fresh, this is regal .

Price: £550.00

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